What is the rust fungus and how to prevent it?

What is Roya?

As we said earlier, rust is a plant disease caused by fungi, mainly by gender Melampsora and Puccinia. This usually occurs on the leaves of shrubs, trees, houseplants, vegetables, fruit trees, and vegetables.

You have achieved distinguished by the presence of small lumps or reddish-brown on the undersides of the leaves, which are accumulated in the area spores. In the upper blade, you can meet yellowish spots or discolored portions.

What plants usually affects the rust fungus?

Some flowers of plants such as chrysanthemums, azaleas, snapdragons, carnations, pelargonium, dahlias, begonias, and focus, can be affected by a rust fungus, primarily when these beautiful plants are cultivated in greenhouses with high humidity in the environment, or when grown at home and they have not given proper watering the roots. The shortage of irrigation weakens the resistance of the plants and can also be a problem, as the excess moisture.

In some plants, the attack may occur on the stems of plants, causing brownish yellow or orange pustules that, in some cases, can end the life of them. When there is too much moisture, it probably spores disperse quickly, and others may do because of the wind.

How to treat and prevent rust fungus?

If you want to reduce the risk of infection rust, it is advisable not gather many plants and try to distribute them in ventilated house sites. There will also be to improve soil drainage and to clean it so that moisture is much smaller. If you see that infected leaves and stems, remuévelos and burn them.

Types of rust

  • Roya Mint: is caused by the fungus Puccinia methane, which mainly affects the stems of mint, especially the newer ones. You can recognize them by their orange bumps and deformities in outbreaks that have been affected. If you do not treat the infection, achieved expand into leaves and falling generate them. To avoid everything worse, cut the affected parties or eliminates the entire plantation.
  • Rust fungus membrillero: is caused by the fungus fabraea maculata that causes red spots on the undersides of the leaves, which turn black over time. Removes the infected material and apply a copper-based fungicide, or Bordeaux mixture when the leaves emerge early spring.
  • Rust fungus Birch: This disease is caused by the fungus Melampsoridium botulinum that attacks mainly birch leaves. It translates as rounded orange spots on the undersides of the leaves. This fungus attacks the trunk of trees and makes them break easily.

Roya rosebushes

Unfortunately, this fungus also affects so dear roses causing yellowish spots on the upper leaf surface and bumps with yellow spores on the undersides that, as autumn progresses, they darken and generate the fall thereof. Affected stems are weak and have calluses. Removes fallen leaves are in the greenhouse, for the spores do not become scattered. Please provide them with proper watering your roses so that the roots do not dry out and Give them also correct spacing aeration copies. You can use fungicides Zineb to treat the infection.

  • Other types of rust are rust strelitzia, plum, currant, lentils, and beans, garlic, Hyacinth, etc.

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