Knows the drill African geranium and how to fight butterfly

Geranium butterfly has a brownish and is about two centimeters long. It has its origin in the African continent and has arrived on the island of Mallorca in 1980, approximately by a cutting or infested container. From there, it has spread throughout the Iberian peninsula.

How evolves drill Geranium?

Drill cycle Geranium begins with the arrival of the higher temperatures at 20 ° C. The development of it starts with the egg-laying of hairy caterpillars that will light green color are becoming darker as they grow.

They feed on the buds, and when there are no more, penetrate the stem and devour completely. This process does let the geranium without its sap, weakening the plant until his death.

Pupae are also hairy like caterpillars that may vary in color from green to dark brown, which is when they become adult butterflies two centimeters wide wings.

Symptoms and prevention mode

Although the African continent, is in their place of origin, natural predators that stop the drill geranium and make a pest does not believe in Europe has not been detected any that can slow its progress and, therefore, has managed to spread rapidly.

In our home Vergel know that the plant is being infected if their appearance is terrible, that is, if not flourish, if the flower buds darken and if the stems are damaged and have dry patches.

When the geraniums have been affected by this fly, do not despair, because the first step is to cut the affected stems to prevent further progress caterpillar. Then you will have to remove all insects and add a specific insecticide spraying the plant every two weeks.

One is 100% effective Insecticide Polyvalent AL Calypso Bayer Garden, which helps keep your protected geranium for a month. If the pest is very powerful, then pulls the plant in order not to affect others.

You need not lower the arms and insist much for months to keep the plague at bay. If you perceive that there are a lot of little butterflies flitting around your geranium, make weekly treatments.

Tips when buying geraniums

As this is a rather complicated plague to fight because the caterpillar hides inside the stem and insecticides fail to achieve good and war, it is crucial that you consider these tips before buying a geranium.

When you go to a garden center, it inspects Geraniums very thoroughly because they can be infected. Carefully observes the stems, leaves, and buds, and if you’re going to make cuttings, you only have to be sure that they are not infected.

Last but not least, so that your plant will remain robust and apórtale fertilizer and proper watering, but not excessive, given the abundant irrigation can make your plant is full of these butterflies.

What did you think of this information geranium drill? Remember that it affects pelargonium geraniums and gender.

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