Grow mushrooms at home is very easy and here we teach you to do

During this time of year is usually goes to the countryside to pick mushrooms; However, if you do not have a piece of good knowledge about them, probably you end up picking and eating some very dangerous mushrooms. But fortunately, you can have this delight in your house and just know that what you eat you and your whole family is secure.

Beginning to grow mushrooms at home

  • Alpacas of straw: there are different types of substrates for growing mushrooms, but this time we will focus on straw alpacas. Black plastic covers these consist of a block of compacted straw. The alpaca straw mushroom mushrooms then produce is grown. Takes about ten holes 4.5 cm diameter plastic in the mushrooms to go outside.
  • Lighting: do not place the alpaca straw in a place where receive direct sunlight, rather leave the shade.
  • Temperature: to grow mushrooms at home is the best thing temperatures range between 15 and 20 ° C, but not is somewhat lower or higher, what will happen is that mushrooms grow slowly. If too cold, you have to build a greenhouse and cover the mushrooms at night, when temperatures are a bit lower.
  • Humidity: fungi love moisture, so I advise putting the alpaca straw in a damp place, or, spray water holes to increase the growth of mushrooms. If the environment is too dry, they will have to spray several times a day. If the environment is normal, do it just two, and if the environment is wet, do it once.
  • Growth: if the conditions are right, you will see like mushrooms grow quickly and probably in just one week and will be ready to harvest. If you want to keep the wet mushrooms, you can spray as they grow.

Harvesting mushrooms

In just a week or ten days, you can have mushrooms ready to be harvested. To do this, you must start the entire cluster with only a dry twist and then take them to the pan and cook to enjoy a delicious dinner. You can make fried, breaded, sauces, creams, omelets, grilled, etc.!

To consider…

  • When you grow mushrooms at home is important to note that the straw alpacas give large amounts of mushrooms, and to keep them, you should keep them in the refrigerator. Do not let the bale because they can dry and harden.
  • When you make the first crop of mushrooms, the bale is likely to continue producing more and more mushrooms. To do this, you must follow the procedure in the same way.
  • If the mushrooms expel a white powder, do not despair because there is nothing wrong. They are simply spores and can be easily cleaned.
  • Mushrooms are very easy to grow and, best of all, is that pests do not attack them.
  • There are many edible mushrooms, but the most common is the Oyster mushroom. Experiment with various species and can get a variety of textures, flavors, and colors.

Get straw alpacas is easy, so I hope you will be excited to try. It is also very fun to see how they grow, and mushrooms obtained can prepare a lot of dishes. Mushrooms are very healthy and have vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

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