Chainsaw and brush cutter. Start-up and maintenance of motor vehicles

Many of our compatriots, in order to facilitate their own work, came to the need to purchase motor vehicles. Since among domestic consumers, the most popular products are brush cutters and chainsaws, and among them, the products of the Husqvarna brand have proven themselves in the best possible way, we will take them as an example to illustrate recommendations for the correct use of this kind of equipment. By observing the recommendations below for the use of motor vehicles, you can easily achieve a virtually lifelong service from it. Know more about self propelled walk behind string trimmer.

Running in chainsaws and brushcutters

Who would not say what, no matter what the latest technologies in the manufacture of the instrument would not be applied, but the laws of physics have not been canceled. Therefore, before starting work, the engine must be run in. To do this, the engine must run at least one tank of fuel (no load!) With frequent changes in the speed (idle – maximum speed). The next 10 hours of work in the mode of gentle (50%) load. In the case of running a chainsaw, this can be work with, say, small-diameter wood, and in the case of a brushcutter, work only with a fishing line (not a cutter).

Chainsaw service

Engine . A chainsaw is a precision instrument with a two-stroke internal combustion engine and all its parts need technical cleanliness and proper lubrication. The air filter of the chainsaw must always be clean (free of dirt and sawdust); the foam filter must be moistened with oil. The fuel filter must be checked once a week (replace if necessary). Checking the tightness of nuts and screws – before starting work. Removal of carbon deposits from the muffler (or its mesh) and spark plugs – if necessary. Lubricate the bearing of the centrifugal mechanism (if necessary) once a week.

Chain . The cutting edges must be well and correctly sharpened using the correct templates and files, depending on the brand of chain. After several sharpenings, check the depth of cut height – the gap between the stop and the cutting edge should be 0.7 mm. Constantly check the chain tension – it should neither sag, nor be tight: incorrect tension leads to overloading of the engine and intense wear (and even breakage) of the chain and bar.

Tire. The driven sprocket must be lubricated once a day (in winter – with every refueling). It is also necessary to clean the tire surface from dirt and turn it 180 degrees once a day (to ensure even wear). Also, at least once a week, it is necessary to remove burrs from the tire flat with a flat file to maintain the perpendicularity of the guide rails to the oil supply groove.

Chain lubrication. For these purposes, it is better to use a special Husqvarna oil, as a last resort, any clean machine oil. Under no circumstances should a “work off” or “spindle” (flushing oil) be used. Constantly monitor the operation of the oil pump – even short-term operation of the unit without lubrication leads to accelerated wear of chains, sprockets / discs and tires.

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