Care rose of Jericho

Also, it is a mysterious plant, because, in addition to its beauty, it is used to invoke magic.

most critical care of the Rose of Jericho

For starters, it is crucial that you are a vigorous plant so that it can grow anywhere. If you do not want to have problems with it, I suggest planting it in the shade.

Moreover, in terms of temperature, it must be kept at a temperature above 16 ° C because if the heat probably comes down, your plant is not alive. However, it will not hang out at a very high temperature.

The Rose of Jericho accurate high humidity.  If in the area where you live too hot, you have to spray the leaves with water regularly. On the other hand, it can be planted in pots, terrariums, or anywhere you want, as long as, you PROVES conditions I’ve mentioned above.

As for pests, the rose of Jericho is often attacked by aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites, which must fight quickly not to play and end up weakening the plant.

Playing the rose of Jericho

Although you might think that the rose of Jericho is a delicate plant to propagate, the truth is that it is easy as long as you follow the steps to the letter. The best time to do it is in spring because both temperature and humidity are correct.

Displays the parent plant carefully, and if you do not count on any signs of disease or pest, then you can divide the plant into two or more plants, depending on their size.

Plant each plant in a flowerpot and provides suitable temperature and humidity to grow strongly.

What are their properties?

The Rose of Jericho has many properties, uniquely mystical, so it is believed to be an excellent amulet to bless people and all kinds of places.

This plant absorbs negative energies and becomes positive. Besides, it is often used in rejuvenating creams and treat ailments.

Legend of the Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is very different from traditional roses.  It has a very particular characteristic, as it has its origin in the desert regions where it grows, develops, and plays until the place becomes unfavorable and begins to lose its flowers and leaves. Branches bend, forming a kind of ball that goes where the wind takes. Travel several kilometers to find a humid place where their roots and open, again flourish.

Its origin is associated with Christianity, so that is also known as the ” Rose of the resurrection.” According to legend, the Holy Family to flee from Bethlehem with baby Jesus to free him from the massacre that King Herod had ordered, managed to cross the plains of Jericho, and when the Virgin Mary down ass he rode, his feet came a beautiful and delicate flower.

He smiled at her because he realized he had come to greet the baby, Jesus. Throughout the permanence of Christ on earth, thousands of roses of Jericho flourished, but when he died on the cross, they were dried and died. Three days later, when Christ rose, roses of Jericho grew again and irradiated a beautiful perfume.

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