Browning of conifers Why it happens and how to treat it

Probably, you increase the risk believing that only thus will improve, but this is not the solution since the source of the problem is precisely the excess water. Read on to learn how to approach the browning of conifers.

The browning of conifers is the name they get the symptoms of desiccation, either partial or total, of such plants. Usually occurs in cypresses, hedges arizonicas, juniper, fir, pine, cypress, and various false conifers.

Beware waterlogging

The flooding of the substrate causes desiccation, either because it is somewhat porous, heavy clay, poorly drained, or overwatering soil. Water is responsible for filling the pores of the substrate should be filled by air, and therefore, the roots are left without oxygen quickly.

By increasing carbon dioxide in the root environment, various chemical reactions that generate a massive loss of permeation membranes roots, so the plant has not only trouble absorbing water but also nutrients begin to appear. Therefore, the foliage begins to yellow.

Biological agents and fungi are present

By lack of oxygen in the roots, are arranged to attack the secondary sources opportunistic biological agents, which are responsible for absorbing nutrients and water, generating rot.

Then, these primary roots invade and end up affecting the trunk base. This infection was growing and spread to neighboring plants. There are also some fungi able to take advantage of the weaknesses of conifers, affecting the branches and trunk.

The Phytophthora fungus is one of the most common mushrooms in conifers, hedges, and lawns, but can attack other species as well. The leading cause is overwatering, very high temperature with high humidity or weakening of plants. Usually, it begins at the bottom of the plant and subsequently affects the upper parts, desiccating the branches and leaves.

To find out if the fungus Phytophthora is present must display conifers looking drying of leaves, yellowing, weakening overall plant rubber, or appearance of the trunk. Make preventive treatments with fungicides to combat Phytophthora. 

How to prevent browning of conifers?

  • Irrigation controls, both the quantity and frequency to prevent waterlogging; Also, do not forget that the most sensitive to overwatering conifers, will not require much water and should be watered only when necessary.
  • Good drainage care when planting conifers and if the ground was very heavy, or too much water in it will accumulate naturally, it is best not to plant conifers there.
  • Please note the size you have plants in their adult phase to avoid suffocation of the roots.
  • Entrecavas has done to aerate the soil.
  • Uses fertilizers high in amino acids and nitrogen.
  • Apply an appropriate fungicide to treat and cure fungi .

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